I’m sitting here thinking about how much I’m enjoying producing these article and I hope that you all are enjoying reading them.

I did want to talk about how everything that we have discussed so far leads to active practice, this will help everything make more sense. Leading up to now we have been working on gathering the things we need for our spiritual tool box and when I say Spiritual tool box I am not actually talking about an actual tool box, I briefly touched on this in my podcast. Many of the things that are important to work on such as self empowerment, so when we begin building our tool box here’s a few things we want to work on.

  • Self empowerment
  • Meditation
  • Visualization
  • Energy Work
  • Shielding

So this is the basics of what should be in your in your tool box because these are the basics of magic, these are the things that form the skills that one needs to perform effective magic or healing.

When working on these things it’s best to take them one at a time. One of the most effective book I’ve read for teaching the basics in this, is “Temple of Inner Witchcraft” by Christopher Penzack. This book goes through the basics of pagan history and a bunch of training of in meditation and visualization, shielding and energy work, it’s a highly recommended book and book series.

I would like to say just like anything else it takes work to get there, not all of these skills will come easily so I would like you to be prepared for that especially if you are being called down this path. I would encourage you to study, just like anything else, being knowledgeable is important. Knowing what you are getting into is also important, if this is the path for you begin by empowering your self find that inner power that I know is there, be and feel that beautiful person I know you are. Once you realize this you will find that calming your mind will become easier as you will no longer have that voice telling you that you are not good enough because you ARE good enough, you will light up the world with your magic but it starts here. Building that tool box of skills starts with the self, self empowerment, self healing, self discovery, magic begins from within, the self, because it is that power that opens you to your path.

So begin your steps down the path I recommend that you follow your self work with meditation as it will aid in your self work. Each skill set is in order of how it’s easiest to learn because each skill needs the proceeding one in order to be effective in your craft. You can find the “Temple of Inner Witchcraft” by Christopher Penzack on amazon.ca/ kindle (also available on any amazon site), Kobo or in many bookstores such as Chapters (Canada) or Barns and Noble (USA)

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