We’ve talked about many things so far, today I wanted to bring up the symbolism and signs that spirit gives us that we are on the right path or when spirit is trying to guide us in the right direction. In my own experience these are things that I pay attention to because when spirit is waving at you, you might want to pay attention.

Ways spirit is trying to get your attention

One of the many ways spirit tries to get your attention is things that happen repeatedly, like seeing anticancer numbers all the time. Numbers like 11:11, 2:22, 3:33 and on these are spirit trying really hard to get your attention. Each of these numbers has there own meaning. (see below)

Another way is commonly known as coincidence, most people brush this off as something that just happens but it is spirits way of trying to get your attention, an example of this is missing your bus in the morning and then finding out that the bus you were supposed to be on was in a deadly accident, that is an incidence of this.

Spirit has a lot at it’s disposal to tell you something, dreams are an incredibly power full way that spirit will contact you. Sometimes the images need to be deciphered and other times spirit will actually tell you directly what you need to know with out using any symbolism.

For information on dream symbolism check out the dream dictionary Here

Spirit has a lot to say to those willing to listen, so pay attention of what’s going on, did a article come across your Facebook feed and you had a feeling you should read it? Did this turn into a profound realization in to your situation? I know this has happened to me, it tells me that there is things I need to know that spirit is almost smacking me over the head with.

For more information about Symbolism and signs from spirit you can contact me Here

~The Wyrding Wytch

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