What’s In A Tradition?

So here I am sitting waiting for my coven Beltane to begin and I’m wondering about tradition and how it affects us in our day to day lives. I mean everyone has traditions, you, your family, your home town, country, religion. Traditions kind of run our day today, we have routines things we habitually do like Taco Tuesdays or perhaps in my coven tradition we have midnight margaritas about once a month but because we are old it’s more like eight pm margaritas after the kids head off to bed.

But many people want traditions or to build a spiritual tradition but don’t know how to begin their own way. What I’m about to say may shock some others will smile, nod and agree, see tradition is something you begin when you find something you like to do. Think about christmas and the traditions surrounding that, we have turkey on christmas day, we open presents, a friend of mine and their family make ugly sweaters for a family craft on x-mas day.

In my family we celebrate Yule which is on December 21, it’s the winter solstice, we invite all our closest friends and family and we gather to feast, it’s a big potluck and everyone comes to eat and drink and stay up for the longest night. Then we have waffles the next morning for those who decided to stay the night. This is a tradition that we have been doing for the past ten years.

But of those who don’t have close friends or family in the same city and it’s difficult to travel or they are solitary practitioners? Well tradition is something any one can develop weather it be pagan or family, I think it’s important to have something like this rooted in your lives and I can understand that it can be difficult to keep up.

When I speak of Traditions I am not just talking about family ones I’m also talking about spiritual traditions or traditional ways to practice a certain way, there are several ways of doing things when it comes to paganism. There are also different ways a viewing different traditions or “Trads” as they are commonly referred to, I found a very funny but accurate description to describe various traditions in paganism.

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Wiccans – The United Federation of Planets

The Federation means well. They let just about everybody into their little social club, so long as they agree to play nice. They don’t talk about rules much, but keep referring to one Prime Directive that all other laws are based on. That said, they frequently violate that rule when the need suits them. Often heard speaking in various UK accents, even though they’re not from the islands (Et tu, Jean-Luc?)

Asatru – Klingons

Obsessed with honour and combat. Have no qualms with eating meat and eat it with obvious relish. Insist they did everything first (“But Hamlet is so much better in the original Klingon.”) And who wants Klingon opera, when you can have Wagner’s Die Neibelung?

Ceremonialists – Vulcans

Have you ever heard someone say, “Excuse me, I was reading this and wanted to tell you: “anal retentive” has a hyphen in it.”? Everything is very orderly in their universe. No room for untidy things like emotions and the like.

Druids – Bajorans
(with special guests: the Tuatha de Dannan as The Prophets)

You cannot separate the Bajorans from their faith. Religion permeates the very air they breathe. Although this should be a unifying force on their devastated environment, they are constantly fighting with one another. Like many other races, they are subject to charismatic leaders.

New Agers – Betazoids

Profoundly psychic when you don’t want them to be; dense as a rock (crystal) when you actually need some help. Spend an awful lot of time talking about “vibes” and are perpetually concerned with how others feel. If they weren’t so damn cute, you’d just want to smack them. You only see the women of this race.

Numerologists/Kabbalists – Binars

Numbers are everything, don’t you know. Can loudly pronounce a given number (93!) and have people laugh at it like it was a punch line. Draws all sorts of really interesting links between things based on the numerological significance. Socially uncouth. The only difference between the Binars and numerologists is that Binars have mates that understand them.

Setians/Satanists – The Skin of Evil
(the oil slick that killed Tasha Yar)

A long time ago, a race decided to sluff off all their evil, mean and nasty emotions. They physically excreted these emotions into a big pile of black ooze. The race bailed off the planet, leaving the ooze which, over time, became sentient… sort of, and delights in causing fear and pain in others.

Dianics – The Women of Angel 1

Imagine a planet where women are in charge! It is a wonderful, peaceful place. Everyone gets along all the time and no one ever goes hungry. Yeah, right. Behind the facade of perfect love and perfect trust and gyno-unity, there is an iron fist in that velvet glove. And, surprise, surprise, the gynarchy is subject to the same power struggles and in-fighting that the rest of us are.

KayOs MagicKians – The Children of Tama
(Damok & Jilad on the ocean)

I know I’m speaking English, and I know that they are speaking English. However, sometimes, you just can’t seem to understand what these souls are trying to tell you. Although they have something valid and wonderful to share with the Federation, what they have to say is mired in a language that excludes more than it includes. Fnord.

Llewellyn Publications – the Borg

Resistance is futile, you will be assimilated. Your history and beliefs will become part of the Borg Collective, where they will be watered down and spread out evenly between everyone in our race. Lower your shields and hand over your money; resistance is futile.


Now though that above is a humorous look at some traditions it gives you a pop-culture reference to better understand some of the things that most people see regularly. This is in no way meant to insult the people who are involved in these spiritual traditions.

So What are some of your own traditions both personal and spiritual? Let me know in the comments below.

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~The Wyrding Wytch

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