What’s In A Name?: Your Magickal Moniker

A magickal name is common among most pagans, though personally, when I was much younger I just thought it was a way for people to hide who they really were. Now that original thought is still quite true however not in the way I had originally thought. You see a magical name is important on many levels and many pagans view a magickal name as something that allows them to be there true selves. In native tradition a child is given a temporary name for the first year of it’s life and is not allowed for it’s feet to touch the earth until the shaman’s give the child their true name after that the child is able to continue as normal. I find many people believe that their magickal or pagan name is more true to themselves then their given name.

I after researching the idea behind the magickal name I have come to realize that, this magickal moniker is something that allows us to feel closer to our true selves, closer to spirit. This name makes us feel different and special, makes us begin to believe in ourselves even if we can’t quite see who that is.

Many associate themselves with elements and animals much like the author of some good pagan books I have read by the name of Silver Ravenwolf, many know this name and while they many not all agree with the decency of her teaching methods they were some of the most accessible books when I was a teen and they were written in a way that the average person could understand and while I don’t recommend them they are one out of many ways to learn.

You have probably met many people with odd names that you know are not their given names and many people will legally change their names to their magickal names. Personally I have never felt the need to use or even search for a magickal name, my name Megan (Welsh: MEE-ANN) means divine pearl, and I’ve always been fine with that but recently I’ve discovered that some of the people namely some of my students would like to be able to call me by a magickal moniker so I decided to open my self to this and see if anything comes to me, meditation here I come.

If your looking for your spiritual name and feel like your given name is far from who you actually are, create a sacred space, slip in to a meditative state with the intention of finding your name. Make sure you record your journey in your journal, even if you are not given a name right away sometimes the symbols of what you see can be your guide.

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