What is the universe trying to tell you?

This is one of the questions that many people ask themselves everyday, what is the universe trying to tell me? I find that things happen in a certain way for you to find your true purpose, you will meet people who are doing things that you are passionate about. Sometimes you will find that things align for you to do these things and for the most part though it’s a transformative experience.

A good instance of this is suddenly loosing the good paying job that you hate and never look forward to going every morning, sometimes it’s loosing everything that is around you, your friends, family, house, job, car, etc. Does this sound familiar? Does this cycle keep repeating for you? I know for my self this has happened a few times, once it was very severe I lost not only my home but my awesome job, then a few months I lost it again and my car. I kept repeating this every few years I know it was driving me closer to my true purpose, the things I have been the most passionate about, the things that give me joy to do.

In spite of what a lot of people may think, the universe guides us to where we are meant to be in life, before we were born in this world, we in our soul form decided on the lessons we needed to learn in this life, how we were going to achieve happiness, the obstacles we were going to over come, and how we were going to change a little bit of the world.

I bet you are wondering now, why would I place these hurtful obstacles in my path, why would I make my time on earth that much harder? The thing is the soul self knows our path before we manifest in to the world and while the soul can see that path it constructs the best way possible for you to learn certain things so that you may be on the best path for the greater good. Sometimes we go through horrible things deaths of parents, children, loss of monetary things, loss of mind, loss of self. These things are there to teach us lessons so that we make certain decisions when it comes to making the world better.

I’m going to use a very controversial topic as an example and please keep an open mind before forming an opinion or responding.

Though I haven’t been following this too closely I’ve picked up enough to form a theory about what’s going on, I would like you all to view this knowing about how we set our own path forward before we manifest in this world.

During the past few years with the end of the Obama administration and the beginning of the Trump administration, we find ourselves in a unique place, until now the United states have been wanting change, the republicans want different things than the democrats, of course this is a broad statement. Being from Canada our parties work a little different so again some of this is speculation but the theory has nothing really to do with politics.

I would like you to think of the amount of people who want to change things for the better, who would like to work towards equality and opportunities for all, all things that I’m sure most people would like to achieve out there. When it comes to desiring change wanting to make a difference but it doesn’t’ feel right or the movement dies, I think this is due to people’s soul contracts knowing that now is not the time to make this movement or to lobby for change. People need something to rally under a motivator and right now the way Trump does his politics is defiantly a motivator for change. But what about Trumps soul contract? And this is where my theory begins to become a little controversial, perhaps before he was manifest in this world he decided that this time he would be the cause for change, that in this manifestation he would run for president and become the cause for a change for the better.

His politics are coming at a time where change is the most needed a change toward a better society world wide. People are rising against the way he does things they are speaking out when they were once silent. We see people trying to make a change when before they only held that desire in there heart.

So was this his soul contract? To become…this? To be a negative motivating force? It’s possible mind you anything is possible when it comes to the spiritual side of things.

That’s the theory, do you know what the universe is trying to tell you? Do you know where you are on the path to your soul contract fulfillment? Let me know in the comments below.

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Blessings all

~The Wyrding Wytch

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