The Web That Connects Us To The Universe

With the suddenness that only the universe can provide, I find myself going on a trip to the aforementioned Spring Mysteries Festival. Not having been able to attend for the past several years I am intrigued with how this came about. I’ve mentioned “the Universe” or “the Goddess” or “Spirit” and that’s what we are going to talk about today. I have spent the past few days meditating on this turn of events and I am curious as to what my path has in store for me.

The Universe or universal energies work in a strange way, everything is connected, I’m not just talking the circle of life here and no amount of the lion king is going to help us understand what’s going on when it comes to this, by the way I love Disney and the lion king. So for now we will leave my love for Disney and those wonderful cartoon musicals here, for discussion in another forum.

When I say everything is connected I’m not just talking about the earth and the animals and the cycles, though that’s part of it. First we need to use our imaginations and think of a spider’s web, they are beautiful each strand carefully woven with an enormous tensile strength, each anchor line connected by radial loops, they are incredible even if there weavers are a little creepy and instill an irrational fear in some.

Okay so we all know what a spiders web looks like, or we should at least have an idea, the intricate web that makes up the cycles on earth connects us intimately to everything, plants, animals, it’s true what they say, we are all connected from man to animal to rock and tree. Now these webs also connect each solar system together in the same way and we can expand this to a galactic and even universal level, but this also goes in the other direction to the micro, the cellular and the atomic.

So these energies are connected these webs connect us to the very beginning of the universe, where every possible past, present and future of the universe that ever was or could be. See, because of the energy behind these universal energies they take on an almost sentience, not an omnipotence or intelligence but a reactionary universe. Sort of like if we use our energy to put a pot of water on the stove to boil for tea we put out our energy and we get the tea we want. The universe acts the same way if we put out the energy that we want something or that we require “x” to be able to continue down our path then the universe will respond by providing what we need. In my case I need, apparently, to go to spring mysteries in order to gain an experience that will further me on my path. In the past two days since I had been suddenly given the opportunity to go, I had journeyed to my spirit helpers to find out why I needed to go, though I had already made the decision to do so, I was curious as to why.

I received an answer to my questions, though they were kind of cryptic, then again Hekate and Dragon are anything but straightforward when they don’t want to be. “the threads of fate have been woven and now we wait” they said. What ever is in store for me is probably pretty big I’m excited to face this head on what ever it may be.

The universe guides as much as it can in it’s natural, neutral state, it wants to help especially once you have begun to awaken into a higher vibration, one of healing and openness.

These are all things to consider when asking for help down your path, try and be open and open minded as we are all connected from the tiny atoms and protons and such that make up our world to the planets and stars that make up our universe we are all part of the circle or web of life.

This will be the last post from me for a little while as later in the week I will be heading down to the USA for this festival. The Wyrding Wytch will return on Monday April 17,

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~The Wyrding Wytch


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