The Broken Circle

many people wonder what’s in their ancestral past one side of my heritage is completely blank and I can only guess what’s going on on that side of my DNA, the other however is a rich tapestry of Medicine women, healers and rebels. I know that sounds a little odd but it’s true I’m Metis which means I am part, roughly half, indigenous Cree from the Saskatchewan area of Canada and the other half is a mix of French, British and who knows what else. In my ancestry I have found that my ancestors have fought for the freedom of the Metis people along the side of Gabriel Dumont and Louis Riel, Now most of you are probably not up on your Canadian history, so here’s a link to the basics located here.

So the history of my blood is literally written into the the country I call home and this makes me wonder what else is going on in my history, what other awesome stories are hiding within my DNA. This also makes me bring up what is known as the broken circle, most indigenous peoples have an oral tradition but when the Europeans came to settle in North America things changed and soon the indigenous peoples were forced into reservations and then their children put into residential schools. The schools did horrendous things to the children, information of that time will speak to nutritional studies being done on the children regarding lack of food and how it effected the children, they weren’t allowed to speak their own language. This is only some of the things done but this is what is now being called the beginning of the Broken Circle, the trauma and the fact that the parents we unable to pass on the traditions of their people this was a multi generational thing, and at least three generations have lost touch with that ancestral knowledge.

For my self my Grandmother was in the residential schools and I can see the results of this in my own mother as she was taken from my grandfather when she was ten, after my grandmother had died and placed in to the foster care system. My grandfather being told he wasn’t capable of taking care of my mother. My Mother became lost, abused, as far as the foster parents were concerned she was just a paycheck she ran away from the system when she was sixteen. This is yet another step in the broken circle and this one based on racism of Indigenous peoples which is still prevalent today.

For many years growing up i watched my mother search for her self she still hasn’t found her self or peace, you might be wondering how this effected me? Well I know she did the best she could given the tools she had and I love her for that. We may never have had what we wanted but we had what we needed even if that was a struggle. She gave me the tools I needed to be strong and to be my self or at least find my self if I became lost and their had been a few times when I had become lost from my self.

For most of my life I had been learning about the medicine way, it seemed my path even when I was young, I never questioned it and I never have. For myself I think that the broken circle has put my generation at a disadvantage, I have searched for the teachings that I should have learned as a child and though I learned much from what ever elder at the time I had around I know that my teachings were never complete now I search for books any thing on what the teachings of the Cree people were/are.

I find my self wanting to search for any elder who will teach me more as sometimes books just are not enough. The broken circle this is how it effects me and others, in the end it can sometimes be a lost cause for that history is broken those traditions are lost the language that my people speak will never be known to me and for this I cry for this I morn for part of me will always be lost.

~The Wyrding Wytch

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