Spring Mysteries Festival

This is a festival that I had attended for many years before the Aquarian tabernacle Church went through some hardship with the change over of the Arch Priest and Priestess as well as the loss of their founder Pete Davis. As the Church it self under went change so did the Mysteries as well, just like priests and priestess moved on under difficult circumstances but the church and spring mysteries festival survived.

The mysteries take place in a Washington state park, Fort Flagler, and for the past thirty two years this is where the mysteries take place. This year nearly two hundred pagans took the pilgrimage to the park to participate in these mysteries, mysteries which are a recreation of the ancient Hellenistic mysteries of Demeter. These are mysteries where the participant swears an oath in sacred space to not discuss these mysteries with the uninitiated as it would lessen the experience for them.

As I take my oaths seriously I will not talk about the mysteries themselves but about the overall experience that I had. Arriving at the park was very much like coming home for me, the park holds much energy as the mysteries have been held there for thirty two years, the people I was able to be re-acquainted with, people whom I’ve missed. The park is beautiful we had beautiful weather and great energy for the whole thing. Though there are always some who like to try an ruin things for others, such as inappropriate laughter during the mysteries play. About the play it self I didn’t feel the tone was serious enough, the mystery play does tell the story of Demeter, the Kore/Persephone and Hades, this is a common knowledge thing so it’s okay if I tell you that. But I felt that there had been too much humour in the play, I felt that for the first bit a little bit was fine but after that it should have continued to become darker and darker, that was the mood I felt was missing.

The Food at the festival was catered by a Greek restaurant, great food, though I don’t think I’m going to be able to eat baklava or kebab’s again any time soon. I have also discovered that I can no longer climb the stairs of the barracks like I used to, I am a ground floor kind of girl now. But every one was pretty awesome, I did enjoy myself despite a few small irritations. Honestly the only thing I was really bothered about was the inappropriate laughter during some very serious moments.

Would I go back? Yeah I would, would I recommend others to go? I think that I probably would, just like anything, You get out of the mysteries what you put in. I am very grateful to the friends who sponsored me to attend this past weekend, I had a great time, and had a few epiphanies along the way. That’s what a good festival that’s based on something like this should do, it should be able to make you think and ponder. Did the priests and priestess do their job in providing a space where people can learn and grow? I think so. Good job ATC I will return.

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~ The Wyrding Wytch

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