Spirit Helpers And The Forms They Take

I’m a girl who has a wide range of beliefs having done quite a bit of research into different gods and goddess I find that there are a few that aid in my shamanic practice I think one of my greatest helpers in the spirit realm is Hekate the greek goddess of the crossroads, as I write this she’s prodding me because she has many names and she wants them all to be listed. Okay so some of you may be thinking “this chick is crazy” and well that’s certainly one opinion however when it comes to “gods and goddess” I view them as spirit helpers that have been around for centuries even millenia and have taken on different names and identities depending on the culture.

A spirit helper can be spirit animal or it can be a divine being, each has their own lessons to teach, personally I find that Hekate is one of the better teachers in the spirit realm, I think this because of what she represents, she rules over three realms Heaven, Earth and sea in shaman beliefs there are three realms in the spirit world, the upper realm (heaven) the middle realm(earth) and the lower realm (sea) and each of these represents something different mind, body, spirit. Or heaven, earth and the underworld.

Hekate rules over all these essential aspects of shamanism, she challenges you to strip yourself of ego to remove that which holds you back and to rebuild or rebirth yourself stronger than before.

She rules over the underworld an aspect of the spirit world that is of change and rebirth, I liken her to Erishgagal she who strips you bare to birth you into your new life.

So how does Hekate help me in my shamanism?

Just like she guided Medea with herbs and “sorcery” she has guided me in my own healing and rebirth, leading me to the path I’m on now. I suppose I should expand on that, when I journey I frequently run into her, she offers advice just like my spirit animals do she shows me what I can do to change the path I’m on so that I may be successful. Much of what I receive from her are questions I need to find the answer to my self as she is very mysterious she will sometimes answer my questions with questions which forces my mind down a different track to find the answer to her question and invariably my own.

Spirit helpers do come in all shapes and sizes, dragons, wolf’s, unicorns, owls, any animal both mythical and real can be a spirit helper the same goes for deceased shamans, sometimes they will stick around the spirit realm and help others, sometimes spirit helpers are gods and goddesses. Everyone recives what they need when it comes to spirit helpers not what they want because each spirit helper has their own lessons.

One of my animal spirit helpers is frog, he has a lot to teach me about change and transformation, otter is another she teaches me about floating above or on the surface of things so that I can get a better perspective. Wolf teaches me about community and family. Though I have many spirit helpers each comes to me when I need to learn what they have to teach, there are those who will come and teach you what they need to then they leave and there are those who will stay I have a few who do and others who come and go.

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