Speak Out For Mental Health


I’m sitting out side on my deck enjoying the nice weather and the birds and such that are all around and I find my self not wanting to even write and just enjoy the out side. These days it’s a rare occurrence that I find my self wanting to even be out of the house. If you have read some of my previous articles you know that I suffer from Depression and anxiety and it is sometimes very difficult to get through a day with out disappearing in a nap or a meditation as it feels better to sleep or meditate then to be awake and feeling numb and unable to do much, the exhaustion gets to be too much sometimes. I know that a lot of you know what it is like, that you suffer from similar circumstances.

I was particularly bad last week and that’s when I realized I needed to reach out to my friends for help I think that was one of the hardest things I had ever done, was ask for help, my coven sisters and I got together a few days later and we had a potluck dinner and talked. I’ve never had those thoughts that I know some have had, like suicidal thoughts, I have had thoughts of just moving and leaving everything and everyone behind starting new somewhere else. But I know that running from my depression isn’t going to change anything or help, I know that leaving my support system is a bad idea. My coven sisters and close friends they are the ones who help me through this and though I know where the source of my depression comes from it’s not really something I can change.

Something I have noticed is that emotional support for those who have lost a child is a little if not a lot lacking. In our society it’s not something that we speak much about, it’s like we are not allowed to feel the way we feel, and are expected to “suck it up” and deal but that, I have found is a recipe for making things worse. When I was convinced that I needed to have an abortion my partner at the time kept saying it was the right thing to do that I wasn’t healthy enough to have a baby. The truth was he didn’t want a child and I was devastated by the loss and my partner emotionally disappeared after it happened leaving me to bottle my emotions unable to deal with them because I didn’t have the support I needed and then years later it would come to the surface when I started working on my issues. The thing I found the most devastating was the panic attacks that came and the depression that I didn’t know I had. My partner pushed me away and to this day I still have these problems and though I’m medicated I find I have entirely too much spinning my head at night.

I wanted so badly to be a mom, still do, but now that I’m in my mid thirties I am still wondering if that is a possibility, I’m hoping so. One of the reasons I write articles like this is I think people need to speak up for mental health weather it be there own or some one they know, making people more aware of what goes on with those who suffer is a healthy way to bring more attention to it. So Speak Up for Mental Health, at least 1 out of every 4 people you know suffers from it.

For more information on mental health contact your local Mental Health advocacy

If you or a loved one is suffering from Depression or Anxiety talk to your doctor for more resources, you don’t have to suffer alone.

With love

~The Wyrding Wytch


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