Soulmates and Twin Flame Souls


Been thinking a lot about certain things lately meditating on others but what has been a frequent thing that has come up in my more recent journeys has been the subject of soul mates and twin soul flames.

I know it sounds kind of flaky I had thought so too until I had a very interesting journey with one of my guides, the thing was I was super skeptical about it, but the more I journeyed the more it came up. During the past few weeks I’ve talked to my spirit guides about it and went to some places I didn’t know existed on the spirit plane.

So here’s what I learned from my research and my own personal experience

What is a Soul Mate?

A soul mate is a person be it male or female who enters your life to teach you something, or for you to experience certain things with them. These lessons can be good or bad, the loss of a mutual friend or the death of a child, every experience teaches you something and you have each other for support through that time. I have a few strong connections with people and I know with out a doubt that they are from my soul group. My coven mates are part of my soul group as well as a few friends who by distance can’t be part of my coven but there is no less love and friendship because of it.

I mentioned soul groups, so I’ll give that an explanation,

A soul group is souls that have come to manifest around the same time as you, think of it like this, when a group of souls is ready to be born they surface in the great soul pool kind of like bubbles when your boiling water they rise to the surface from the heat below. Many of the souls will clump together this is the time that the soul will decide what they are going to learn in this life as the souls that will be part of your soul group will clump together the ones closer to the top will be born first, this is why some of your soul group can age greatly from being born in the same year and being the same age as you, to being decades older.

So what is a Twin Soul flame?

A twin soul is what the whole term soul mate actually encompasses or at least the way we perceive it in the modern world. A twin flame is that person be it male or female, usually with our sexual preference, if in this life you are female and males are your sexual preference then your twin will be of your preference, If you are lesbian, straight, gay, queer, or asexual, then your twin flames soul mate will be what you need in your life. This person is the one that when you are together everything is equal, your passion and love, understanding, caring. When you are together with your twin flame you come together to make the greatest change in the world where other wise separately would be almost unachievable.

One of my coven mates has found her twin flame and soulmate, there relationship is exactly what I would imagine it to be, he wants her to be happy and she wants the same for him, together they are perfect.

Have you found your Twin flame or your soul group? Tell me your story in the comments below.

~The Wyrding Wytch


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