The Sacred Feminine is a concept that recognizes that “God” ultimately is neither male nor female but a Divine Essence that is beyond form and duality – an essence that is in balance and unification of masculine and feminine principles. We tend to see the divine as an abstract concept of omnipresent consciousness, this is a challenge for many.

However we live in a world where we are disassociated from the divine, where in the western world we are in fact disconnected with that sacred source of both male and female, and because of this we have a problem connecting with these concepts.

The mythos of the shaman are the mythos of the divine feminine, they are not objective they are subjective, they don’t create separation they are participatory, they do not diagnose they heal. We have the only mythology where we were kicked out of the garden, no one else was kicked out of the garden, the Native Americans weren’t, aborigines weren’t, even the Africans were not kicked out of the garden they were given it to be care takers of the garden.

So as we are being kicked out of the garden there’s a voice that comes and says “and cursed is the earth because of you, woman,” and to man the voice says “and with the sweat of your back you will take the fruit of the earth and the earth shall grow thorns and thistles for you” Right away on page two we have a dysfunctional and antagonistic relationship with the feminine and with the great mother who will only grow thorns and thistles for us.

We also have the only mythology where the masculine gives birth to the feminine, in no other mythology does the masculine give birth to anything. So from the beginning we have a predisposition to and a bias towards the masculine, we are kicked from the garden and god no longer speaks to us, the rivers and the trees no longer speak to us. And we enter into the world that is inanimate. Where the shaman lives in a world where everything is alive, the rivers and the trees speak and sing, this world is animistic as the animals communicate with the shaman as well and the shaman still hears the voice of god/ spirit.

If you learned early on to pray you probably remember the lords prayer, “our father who is not here who art somewhere else…” you can see that very early on in our mythos we have an antagonistic relationship with the great mother and an absentee father figure. This is reflected a lot in western culture with many having these kinds of relationships with in their own families, our mythologies set a bad example for us.

In shamanism we work toward a balanced relationship with both the male and female aspects of spirit, the Great Mother, Gaia, Patcha Mama, she who is known by many other names, the same goes for the great father, the green man, father sky, and he who is known by many other names. You see we begin to make that connection by forming that connection within our selves as we begin to balance our masculine and feminine energies we begin to make that connection with the great mother and great father, the great spirit who is the wholeness of the two.

When we come in to balance with ourselves and the earth we begin to loose our antagonistic relationship with the earth. These are the ideas behind the sacred feminine you see it’s neither male nor female, it is a balance of the two, it is a neutral force of the universe for it is the universe.

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~The Wyrding Wytch

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