Progress on Ceramics: My work in progress


So this is going to be a longer post, So I’ll break this up into a few sections.

For the first few days and then weeks of this particular journey I began with some hand building using balloons as armatures and seeing how well that would work and as you can see (below) it turned out okay though it wasn’t quite what I was feeling, but i got some clay under my hands and though these vessels were rewedged and used in other things I did learn a little something, with a little bit more support such as some news print balloons make great armatures.


I follow a lot of different ceramics posting on Pinterest (video here) and I stumbled across this pulling and shaping video, before this I probably would get one good pot for every four or five. It was time consuming and after I watched this video it was like my hands knew how to do it I began to be more consistent with my wheel work and my shaping turned out better, though still pretty heavy I am learning the fine art of trimming. I’ve also been influenced by various artists work that I have seen highlighted on twitter, but damned if I can find the posts again.  Trust me when I say that following galleries and museums on twitter gives you quite the variety of inspiration.



During the last few months I’ve also had many chats with my other ceramics peers and I came to the realisation that my art doesn’t have to have a function. Though I had started with a plan for tea cups and such it took me a while to realise that, yes making functional art such as mugs and cups and bowls are great but you can also do a lot by just enjoying your connection with the clay and then that’s what I began to do and my work became more I threw pots (technical term for ceramic wheel work) for the sake of throwing pots I felt like there was more to it then just having something functional but this realisation became more to me and I began to enjoy my work better.  Some of the stuff I created was not made with the intended purpose of function i mean they can be made that way but I didn’t do it with anything in particular in mind like making a mug or a bowl they just are.






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