Currently I’m propped up in bed, heating pad on my back and in a lot of pain, dislocated rib ( honestly something really easy to do) and I have no idea what I did to my lower back but suffice it to say I’m slightly incapacitated at the moment. So I thought that this was actually a great time to bring up pain in the emotional and physical bodies and how healing the emotional body can heal the physical body.

I’m sure that some if not all of you have probably heard of chakra’s, these are the energy centres of the body that allow us to achieve spiritual enlightenment through working with our own energy. These energy points located along the spine and skull allow us to have a connection to spirit as well as to the various energy bodies that every person possesses.

(See infographic for more details)


Pain in certain areas of the body can indicate problems within that chakra, Pain in the hips and lower back usually means problems or blockages in the root and sacral chakra, I know that for my self I am currently trying to heal my heart chakra which is why I dislocated a rib or two. Whereas the pain I have in my lower back and hips is probably due to a healing needed in that area.

Now it’s not just about energy, events in your life will cause emotional reactions, soul loss and pain, having been bullied and abused I understand how traumatic that can be. The energy of that abuse and soul loss if not dealt with can cause energetic blockages which impede energy flow through out the body. This, over time, will cause it to manifest in the physical body and cause problems, illness, depression and more.

I find that dealing with the blockages and trying to heal sometimes makes one more sick than better, this is common, it’s like that saying “it’s only going to get worse before it gets better” it’s true, while sometimes during a healing there might be an instant relief and other times a person will get so sick, flu like symptoms, chills, cold sweats, fever sometimes even vomiting. This is an energetic purge your body is removing the negative energy that is causing it to be sick in the first place and so the body reacts to it like having a virus or having a cold and tries to purge the body physically as well as energetically.

Our natural state is not pain, it is not hate, our natural state is one of love and wholeness and positivity, but it’s hard to be that when you are being dragged down by negativity.

Are you going through a lot of physical pain? Do you have a chronic pain illness such as Fibromyalgia?

Perhaps having some help with cleansing and healing your chakra’s and emotional energy body would help.

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~Wyrding Wytch



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