Music And The Dance Of Life

Music is one of those things that effect us on every level of our psyche, we all have that music that makes us feel better when we are feeling down, makes us happy moves our body to dance. Music is one of the biggest forms of magic out there. How many times have you been sitting in the silence wallowing in your depression and then you hear a piece of music that completely changes your mood and you are feeling great for the rest of the day. I know music has this effect on me, there’s a quote from the most recent Guardians of the Galaxy, Drax says it to Peter, something about there being dancers and people who don’t dance. I think this is relevant there are those who dance with life and those who do not. Those who dance with life are usually very in touch with the goddess Rhea she who is the music and the dance of life.

Being able to dance with life and go with the flow is something that is very liberating, though there have been times where i couldn’t feel that rhythm of life and couldn’t dance. Depression and anxiety has that effect on a person. It causes that flow to stop because you are no longer connected to that river of life. This I know from fist hand experience, I belly dance and after I lost my baby due to a miscarriage I suffered from postpartum depression it was strong but I didn’t know why i felt like I did. My partner at the time wouldn’t support me so I could grieve, he disappeared from me emotionally and over the following years was subtle with his emotional abuse, pushing me away and leaving me to suffer more. For years I was in a deep depression, my Fybromylgia was debilitating. I was so completely cut off from the dance of life.

This was something I never wanted, to feel this way, today though I have worked through most of my problems and have reconnected with the source, the music and dance of life. This is why, this dance this music of life, this is why we feel so drawn to music, music that uplifts, music that makes us feel it helps us to reconnect to the dance of life, to that essential part of ourselves that craves the connection with the river and flow of life.

Are you a dancer? Do you feel that connection every time you hear music, that irresistible urge to dance, or do you feel like you cant move, do you feel like there are lead weights attached to your legs, ask your self why you are a non dancer, do you suffer from anxiety? Depression? Or other mental illness? Working through some issues may help you get back in touch with the universal flow of the dance.

If you would like to understand more please contact me.

~The Wyrding Wytch

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