Media Men: How we Over Sexualize Men


I’ve thinking about this kind of thing lately and honestly I feel like this is a big deal and i really want to expound on this. Sexuality and how we relate to it, see this is the thing that as a straight woman I feel may be something that is not talked about from the perspective where it’s the male being sexualised.

One thing that I have noticed is that when we sexualize the female form it’s in blatant sexual poses and wearing next to nothing. I have found my self looking more and more at this especially from a sexist society point of view when it comes to homeless fathers and their children. In most cities there are few if any resources for fathers and the children. So it becomes very interesting if you begin to look at how we look at men in the world. And it’s very interesting we look at men such as Chris Evans, Chris Pratt, Sebastian Stan, Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston (can you tell I’m a marvel fan ?)

You can see how much we actually notice that these men have been overly sexualized and I think this is something that most wouldn’t notice.

I would like to use this picture (left) as an example for this and I’ will do this with a few others, at first glance what we have here is the picture of a very good looking man who is topless, but as someone who finds men attractive, I find this a very provocative picture, it leans the imagination to the more naughty section of my brain. Though i cant find many people who wouldn’t find this appealing. But what of the other side of this coin, i mean look what just happened, I know that Chris Evans is a nice guy, (i did some research before making that statement) he loves his fans and his dog, a very cute puppets indeed, but my first thought wasn’t, “he looks like a nice guy”, it was all based on his looks and the more I think about it I think that this kind of over sexualization of men at least for women has been subtly ingrained and is not as overt as men’s sexualization of women.

I’m not sure if I’ve made my point but I’m going to put a few more pictures



These four men are some of the more noted for their recent success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but for the most

part, according to my research and honestly all you have to do is google these memorable figures to see how easily we sexual good looking men. And

how we also shame not so good looking men, part of the problem is that we are programmed to see this as sexual and this is what we should want as a person who is attracted to the male sex.


It’s hard to believe that a lot of this programming has to do with products, jwhy? Because sex sells.

Here’s a few of the basic messages behind some of the advertising because of advertising this is what we are subjected with,  it’s worse with women and the fact that most of the bodies that we see in the media are so photo shopped that the models in the picture are not actually the models this gives us an unrealistic expectation of what we hold beautiful and sexy.



Fact is for a lot of people this kind of body is unattainable and what most of us can hope for is to be reasonably healthy.

As I’ve said in other articles I suffer from fybromyalgia and now diabetes and this makes it extremely difficult for me to attain that kind of body, at least for a woman, and at the moment the most i can hope for is to be reasonably healthy. And beauty seems to be linked to how a person looks and not how they act I think this is incredibly important that a person to be judged by there actions not just by how they look, the media tries to force us to believe that looks are everything. Magazines, TV ads, paper ads, hell anything that tries to sell us anything.

During World War I, the marketer weathered the loss of its European sales offices and factories with help from the U.S. military market. Since 1910, Gillette had asserted that its razor was a “godsend to a sailor” and equated clean-shaven cheeks with manly military discipline. The U.S. military reinforced that message in 1918, when it began issuing each soldier a Gillette shaving kit. That helped Gillette’s sales rise from 1.1 million razors in 1917 to 3.5 million razors and 32 million blades in 1918.

(above quote taken from This Gillette article)

at some point after one of the world wars Gillette begins to market their razors to women after a study revealed that women account for more than 60% of household purchases. Most marketing is actually targeting women, check out this commercial from old spice that really hammers this home

Your man could smell like me

we end up shaming our men to look more like the men in the ads, we use phrases like “man up” or grow some balls ” when a man is exhibiting emotions other than confidence or cockiness we are programmed to find that attractive we look down upon the “geekier” kind of guys and tend to think that the only way these guys are acceptable is if they are rich, this tells us it’s okay if we find geeky men attractive as long as they are wealthy, there are a few movies that play on this, but it has been for the most part ingrained in us that it’s not okay to be smart or if it is you need to be smoken hot, rich or both. what does this teach us as a society, it says its not okay to be you you have to be like them to get the guy/girl or to get rich or famous you need to look like the ads to get people to notice you in a romantic or sexual way.

For my self I find that someone who is smart and kind and funny and for the most part has there shit together, highly attractive, but that view is not everyone’s view and yes I have my own issues, who doesn’t?

one of the biggest things I’ve discovered in the many years I’ve been a shaman is that when it comes to finding someone attractive I look at there qualities, are they kind? how do they treat other people? do they make me laugh? (that ones important) is there chemistry? (very important).

So what do you think about adverting and it’s effects on people, how do you see the over sexualizing of people and the unattainable beauty and physical perfection that our faces are rubbed in everyday. How does this issue effect your thoughts on your own body? Let me know in the comments below

~The Wyrding Wytch

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