Magick/ Wytch: Good or Bad?

I’ve been asked many times, What is Magic? Or rather what is MAGICK? You see there is an actual difference, many pagans use the spelling with a “K” to differentiate between illusion magic like that of Pen and Teller and Magick which is described as pure will of intent, this I will get more into.


  1. An effort to make a change in ones life by using ones own personal energy and the energy of surrounding elements.

    The “K” was brought back into use by Aleister Crowley in the 1900’s to differentiate it from magic, the slight of hand tricks that became popular in the time.

A common theme among people who don’t know about magick is the belief that magick is evil, this is a subject that is of some passion for me. Magick it self is neither black nor white, it’s neither good nor bad, magick simply is. Magick is pure will and intent weather it is good or bad depends on the heart of the user. In a very simplified way if the witch has a bad intent then that’s what the magick will do, if the witch has a good intent then that’s what the magick will do.

Movies/ Hollywood have not cast the average witch in a good light, if you think about all the movies out there

2011’s Season of The Witch Starring: Nicolas Cage, 2013’s Hansel and Grettle: Witch Hunters Starring: Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton. These are only a few of the movies out there that portray witches as evil beings. This is based a lot of the fact beliefs from Christianity have bled over and many of the writers tend to not only portray the story that’s best to keep peoples attention, especially in an action setting, but movies such as Season of the Witch with it’s heavy early Christian undertones cast a witch some one who is a healer a herbalist in such a bad light.

There are a few movies however which do portray witches in a more accurate light, Movies such as 1998’s Practical Magic Starring: Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman, 1996’s The Craft Starring: Robin Tunney, Neve Campbell, Rachel True, Fairuza Balk. These movies portray mostly accurate information when it comes to witchcraft. These are actually two of my favourite movies but mostly because of how witchcraft is portrayed.

So you see a lot of the way magick is viewed is actually the fault of Hollywood, now that’s not to say that common opinion about this subject many of the problems are based on fear, fear of the unknown, fear of what people say and fear of common belief.

Magick is neutral it’s neither good nor bad the difference is in the heart of the witch.

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~The Wyrding Wytch

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