Learning From your spirit Helpers

Each spirit guide has a lot to teach us, they try to get our attention in various ways, do you keep dreaming of a certain animal, perhaps even a plant, a god or insect, a mythical beast such as a dragon or a unicorn, perhaps an extinct animal such as a dinosaur. Perhaps you keep seeing certain numbers repeated like 11:11 or 3:33, the repetition of certain numbers is your spirit guides trying to communicate with you, trying to get your attention and letting you know they have some information and or support for you.

Spirit helpers are just that they help you, learning to meditate and connect with your spirit helpers is important, talking with them in meditation helps you bond with them to learn the lessons they have to give you. Some Spirit helpers are with you from birth others come and go but it’s important to learn what they have to say to you and meditation is the key, many people go on what’s referred to as a shamanic journey where they are in the spirit realm, some like my self, have created a spiritual garden for their helpers to reside. This garden resides in the soul of the person and is built so that the individual can “weed” out decaying or toxic behaviors before they become a problem, its a good visual to concentrate on when meditating. My spirit helpers reside within my soul garden because having a connection with them helps me learn the lessons they have for me.

Spirit animals and helpers have much to teach us and we have much to learn, not all the lessons however are straightforward as spirit helper who is an animal will each you as if you are that particular animal. Wolf for instance will demand you join the hunt, it will teach you the concepts of the pack, teach the ways of the path of the wolf, Dragon will set you on fire, teaching you to rise above obstacles and to guard the treasures you posses with the fierceness that only a dragon can muster.

So how do I know this? I work with my helpers on an almost daily basis, they teach me and guide me through each and everyday. Learning from your spirit helpers is important for they have a lot to teach you. Trust me when I say that you don’t have to be a shaman to have spirit helpers because everyone has one weather they know it or not.

Shamans will work with your spirit helpers to help and heal you and so that you may be more open to the help the spirits offer.

So are you dreaming of a certain animal or god or mythical creature? Are you seeing the same run of numbers over and over, pay attention your spirit helpers are trying to tell you something.

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