Is love the answer?

There are several things in the world that we look for solutions for, but we rarely find the anwers for. We look to the scientific community, the medical community heck we look everwhere except towards ourselves. So what does that mean, well for the most part we look for our answers out side of ourselves, for example we say things like “It would be better if only they…” or “if person x would just do x we could get along better”

What does that tell us? It tells us that we like to place the blame on others we make them responisible for our failings. I know some of you right now reading this have scoffed and muttered a “no I dont” but the thing is we all do this to some degree weather we notice it or not. Thing is that for things to be better or for you to get along with little suzie it needs to begin with you. Love, kindness, tollarance, friendship all begins with you, I know the snarky are going “no they start with L, and K and T. Trust me I snark with the best 🙂 but deflecting the weightyness of my words will not change the truth of them.

Alberto Villaldo said “Love is the answer, truely” in his audio series for Shaman, Healer Sage.

There have been studies done with plants where they took three plants all grown at the same time, One plant was told it was loved every day for three months, another was told it was hated for three months and the third was told nothing. At the end of the study the plant that was told it was hated was sickly, wilting and diseased, the other plant that was told it was loved thrived had grew a lot and was green and bushy. You can find the full article Here

That was just a study with plants what would happen if we started telling people that they were loved, what would that do to and for our society? Would we become peacefull and prosper? I think so, I have read studies just like the plant study where a group of humans were hooked up one by one to a scanner the first group were told they were hated/ disliked and the second were told they were loved. In both cases they activated different parts of the brain, being hated activated agression where as being told they were loved deactivated other parts of the brain.

You can find the full artcle Here

I believe that accepting we are beings of love and giving love unconditionally is the next step in eveoloution for the human race. I also believe we can transform the world with love, we only need to accept ourselves and begin by loving ourselves so that we can spread love and change the world.

So get out there and change the world with Love.

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