Invoking The Spirit? Don’t Leave The Door Open


I’ve been doing the shaman and witch thing for some time and something that I’ve noticed in my time is we like to offer an experience when it comes to rituals and a common practice of some rituals especially around Samhain and during certain festivals. One of the most common practices is called drawing down the moon, also known as invoking the gods this is where the priest and or priestess calls upon the gods to use the body as a vessel so that they may have a voice for the duration of the ritual.

One of the recent festivals I attended was Spring Mysteries where this is practised it makes the experience more intense and you can actually feel as if you are in the presence of the gods.

However one thing I have noticed and found incredibly odd among some of the priests and priestess I have met is a lack of control, that’s not to say they are lacking in control of themselves in general but when it comes with their pagan practice when they choose to become a vessel. This practice of drawing down the moon, channelling or invoking, we study the god form we are choosing to allow into our physical form, we then enter into an agreement with them that for the course of the ritual they may use us as their voice. This agreement is kind of like a legal contract where you discuss what you are comfortable with the god form using you, the vessel for and when. Most will say “okay, I’m comfortable with being used as your body for (x) amount of time during this ritual this is what we are trying to achieve so this is why I’m calling on you” and the vessel has total control so if the vessel begins to become uncomfortable with what the god form is doing then they can switch back into the drivers seat and truly that’s what it feels like is that you are the passenger in you own body while the god form is driving.

Now I have witnessed a complete irresponsibility when it comes to this practice, you see in order to be an effective vessel you truly need to have both parties, vessel and god form, understand the do’s and do not’s as it’s not enough to throw your self open and let what ever any god or spirit is wander into your body this shows a lack of personal self respect as well as a lack of control in your person, it shows an immaturity as well as a lack of experience. This is not to say that you can’t keep an ear to the gods/ spirits to receive advice much like you would spirit helpers, in fact this is encouraged, I’m not saying that you shouldn’t communicate with the gods or spirits but there is defiantly a time and a place for it.

I have seen quite a few people who have disregarded this advice and left themselves wide open kind of like an open door policy but for any spirit or god who takes a fancy to using said person as a vessel. You wouldn’t leave the front door to your house open 24/7 and let whom ever, took a fancy to walking in, enter so why is it okay to leave your self spiritually open in the same way? You see leaving your self open as such is arrogant and dangerous for as the soul that inhabits your body intrusive entities such as spirits, god forms and entities which do not care about the vessel can take up permanent residence.

One can begin to notice this in situations such as suddenly becoming sick when you were perfectly healthy the day before, getting diagnosed with a chronic disorder and being tired all the time despite getting a good rest these are all signs of spirit possession. Another thing that’s also common for people who leave spiritual door open is soul loss and soul fracture you see the soul will do what it must to protect it self from trauma, you invite abuse from spirits who don’t care about your well being and the thought behind this is “if you don’t care why should I?” this is why you need to enter into a contract with the god form or spirit so that there is no harm being done.

If invoking is part of your practice please remember that one must take care of the soul as well as the physical body, don’t leave your spiritual door open to just anything.

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Many Blessings

~The Wyrding Wytch


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