We begin this article with asking, What do you know about healing? Is your knowledge based on your visits to the doctor? And did you know there are more aspect to healing than the physical?

This is something that western medicine has forgotten, healing is a multilevel experience, this is something that should be approached from a physical, mental and spiritual direction. You see our body is more than just physical it is a soul it is a mind and to achieve true healing one must heal from the soul first.

Confused? Let me explain.

The shamanic approach to healing begins with healing the soul, we meet with the person who wants to be healed and most times they tell us a story about how its because of their most recent break up or what ever is happening currently that is the cause of the illness. Usually this Is not the case in most healings and the shaman needs to find the original wounding. This is usually an involved process involving a soul journey where the shaman journeys to the spirit realm to find the missing pieces of the wounded soul to return to the client.

The shaman brings back the soul piece that was keeping the emotional and mental state of the client in a loop of hurt, pain and suffering. This doesn’t mean that the client is cured this just means that the healing can begin for real, in this instance we are going to use child hood abuse as the cause of the soul loss. This kind of thing can leave the client in a loop of abusive relationships as the victim or being the abuser. Now when as a child the client was being abused a piece of the soul left in order for the client to mentally survive the encounter. This also happens for many traumatic experiences even as an adult we can experience soul loss.

What happens now that the piece of soul has been returned? A lot of things actually the client isn’t cured and now has some work to do to integrate that soul piece back into the self. So is the shamans work done? No in fact the shaman will councel the client on things to do to integrate the soul piece as well as release the emotions and make peace with what has happened. The shaman and the client have entered into a partnership of healing and over time the shaman will help the client with the integration of the soul pieces as well as the alignment of the mental, spiritual and emotional bodies with the physical body. What this means is that the shaman works with you/the client over a period of time to bring about true healing.

Now this is a very quick explanation into spiritual healing which is more involved than I have led you to believe here. For more information I recommend

Shaman Healer Sage by Alberto Villaldo,

it’s a very good book to explain in more detail how the shaman goes about healing.

I’m sure you have also seen me use Medicine woman and Shaman interchangeably I do this because for me its one and the same however there is actually a difference a medicine person heals more with herbs where as a shaman heals more energetically and spiritually I however use both equally so for me they are the same.

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