Healing The Soul


I know it’s been awhile since I last posted anything, it’s been a busy summer, we had three death anniversaries this summer as well as the usual summer events like camping and such.

Last night I had sat and did some deep soul work and I realized something, I held on to so much of the crap over the years that I just hadn’t let go of. I realize now that it was some of the things that I did hold on to were fragments of my soul that had broken off during the trauma I experienced during those events. This is a common thing honestly, you find people who are holding on to anger about something specific and they just cant let it go and this is usually because they are missing a soul piece. The same goes for depression and anxiety.

Soul retrieval is something that can thankfully help with this but it also requires a lot of work in the form of letting go of the anger or what ever emotion is responsible for the original wound. This wound is something that could be from this life or a past life, though most often it’s from a persons currently life.

Soul retrieval and soul work is something that’s important because it’s these missing pieces that inform the world around you through your luminous energy field. This field is on the level of the soul it’s what orchestrates the parents you are born into, the jobs you get, the bad fish you ate at the restaurant. It even informs you of the spouses you marry or divorce. This is where imprints lay, this is the work we need to do in order to take control over our lives and be able to live our lives for us and not because we think we have no choice. If we heal, returning the fragments of the soul and clear the luminous energy field. We can live life on our own terms and do what we are called to do.

For myself I have learned what it is I am meant to do, it’s something that I’ve always been good at and that’s guiding people down their spiritual path. It’s what I’m good at and it’s what I do it’s something that I find the most rewarding. When you heal at the level of spirit your true purpose is able to come through.

So what do we do to heal at the level of spirit? It’s time to let go of the things you are holding on to, we can’t heal when we keep our wounds open, they become infected and they ooze into our life in destructive behaviours where we self sabotage our own life. For example: if you were abused by your father, you might constantly be in relationships where you are abused again. Where as if we heal this wound we find that we are able to move past these energy patterns and move forward in our lives and away from that kind of wound we are able to heal and move on.

When it comes to healing I can’t say it’s easy because it’s not, healing is hard and healing is work. But when you are ready the universe will help you by putting you in the right place with the right people to help you.

Do you need help healing Contact Me, or check out authors such as Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villildo


~The Wyrding Wytch

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