I have three cats (pictured above) these three are almost like children to me but it’s more than that, when I’m in pain because of my fibro or I’m sad they are there to cuddle me and help me feel better. Luther the large orange one (30lbs of fuzzy comfort) likes to sleep with me and be my teddy cat he loves to be cuddled to my chest it’s adorable. Kirril ( middle) he’s my squeaky lap cat and Suma (top right) loves to be carried like a baby. Other than being really awesome cats who love tummy rubs, they are my familiars, but what is a familiar?

A familiar is an animal that chooses to help you with magic and healing, these animals will come around when you are doing magic, meditating, healing etc. They love to help they add their energy to the working and are really awesome, now these animals are not pets, they become family, I happen to connect best with cats even though I love all animals. Your familiar can be any type of animal, perhaps a snake or lizard who loves to be with you during a ritual, trust me when I say you will notice when they want to help you, they will get your attention, if they live in cages or terrariums they will find away.

You see when an animal has decided they are going to be your magical companion they will make sure that you know it, Luther, my 30lb orange lump, likes to sit in my lap when I’m doing magic on the floor, Suma likes to be carried in my arms while I”m casting circle or doing any magical work standing. And Kirril he will sit beside my alter and look at me.

So pay attention to the animals around you and see what happens, if you don’t have any fuzzy family members pay attention to what ever animal shows up when your outside doing ritual/ magic working. Do crows or owls show up? Perhaps a mouse or even a spider, even though you may not have a connection in your personal life to these animals if they show up to help you chances are you are connected.

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~The Wyrding Wytch

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