I’ve talked a lot about spreading love and support and mental illness and how this relates to spirituality and magic. I would like to address what i call the everyday hero, as would be as no surprise to some, I am a huge marvel fan, love the movies and the comics, gonna stop there though with that because I will go geeky fan girl and gush. So the idea of a hero is something that a lot of people only think about when they are talking about comics or movies and we forget the every day hero.

What is the everyday hero? Most of the time we don’t think about people who decide to become firefighters, police officers, military officers or paramedics, those are just the most obvious as these people risk there life everyday they are on the job in order to save lives. Any time I’ve seen them in uniform I try to thank them for their hard work and putting their lives on the line to be a hero. They always are taken aback by my thanks, they do this because they love to help, this is their calling. Just like being a shaman is mine, I sometimes get thanks but I don’t think it’s a big deal on my part so I kind of understand where they are coming from when they get it out of the blue.

When I think of the more everyday hero I think of that person who stands up for the mom breastfeeding her baby while she’s able to eat or that person who gives up their seat on the bus/subway for that pregnant mom or the elder with a cane. For the most part its hard to come by to see these gestures, sometimes I will buy an elder a coffee if I’m in line a head of them or behind them I’ll just step up and say his/her coffee is on me. They are so sweet and it makes their day so how can I not? It’s a simple thing to do, if someone looks upset and they are by themselves sometimes just sitting down and asking them if they are okay, sometimes just hearing that someone saw them and are concerned with what’s going on with them will help.

I’ve heard stories about people who were on the cusp of committing suicide and all it took was for someone to sit down with them and talk. As an empath I find it really hard to be around people in general with out some form of shielding, I am good at one on one conversation and sometimes it’s not about the conversation it about being able to listen to the people your talking to.

Be an everyday hero, spread kindness as this is the way we change the world, when we step outside ourselves and think of what it would be like in other shoes we develop an understanding and we can approach people with kindness instead of selfishness.

I think that in some respects things like comics and movies can inspire us to be better and do better, I’m going to use Captain America played by Chris Evans as an example, I use this because more people have seen the marvel movies than read the comics. In the beginning of the movie Steve/Cap was someone who a lot of us could relate to, he was sickly and scrawny a kid who had a big heart and wasn’t going to allow the bullies to be bullies with out saying something. For someone like that, sickly and smaller in size as well as someone who doesn’t have the strength of the average person, it takes a lot to courageous knowing you are out gunned, out matched.

I was bullied a lot in school, so I know and understand the feels, Steve, preserum, was like most of us in school, I didn’t have the courage to stand up to the bullies so I gave them something to bully me about, my beliefs, it gave me a reason to fight back, probably not the best thing I could have done. It furthered my depression and made me suicidal, don’t ask me how I didn’t take my own life because to this day I’m still not sure I know how, it’s been about twenty years since then and I think back on that time every now and again and how far I’ve come since.

So what happens when things change and suddenly you do the most courageous thing you can? Well unlike the comic book world, we dont get a superserum and become supersolders like Steve. But the thing I’ve noticed the most especially in Chris Evans portrait of Steve/Cap is that though Cap is a hero people forget he’s still just a man who does what he does because he doesn’t like bullies.

I’ve been following a number of the Marvel actors on twitter and such, and I admire what they do to help, Tom Hiddleston is one of those everyday hero’s as he goes and volunteers his time with UNICEF, Chris Evans much like the hero he portrays has been trying to counteract the hate that’s been spreading in the USA by spreading messages of love and tolerance and kindness. Scarlet Johanson speaks about women’s rights, Patrick Stuart speaks out about equality (much love Patrick, fyi I also love star trek)

These are just a few and because I’m a Marvel geek I am paying more attention to the actors but because of their fame they are heard by more people than if they were someone like me a relatively unknown blogger who’s trying to spread a message of healing and love. Being a shaman that’s also what I do I try in my everyday to spread love and support to everyone people will randomly tell me their life story and I will sit and listen because sometimes you just need someone to listen to.

So try to be one of those everyday hero’s, you may not have superpowers but it doesn’t take much to be one. Smile at someone who looks sad, say hi to an elder, buy someone a coffee, random acts of kindness will make the world a better place.

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