Attracting Your Twin Flame

Okay so a while ago I was posting about soul mates and twin flames and I thought it might be a good idea to continue down that line. See I have been doing a lot of meditation and journeying trying to find my twin flame, trying to find that connection with that other part of me. On the whole most people will tell you that there is no such thing as that kind of connection with others however because of who and what I am it makes me view things in a different light.

Just to recap a soul mate is someone who is part of your soul group, a person or persons, either male of female who complete a part of you and complement your life. For me it’s my soul sister we complement each other in ways that I never would have guessed when we met for the first time nearly nine years ago.

A twin flame is either male or female depending on your personal preference, this person will in fact be your ideal partner. This does not mean that the relationship will be perfect, it means that the relationship will be the best one for you it will support you, in every aspect. A twin flame partnership is one filled with love and passion, and just like other relationships you still have to work on them.

I guess a good question to ask yourself, especially if you are looking for your twin flame, is “what do I need to do to attract my twin flame?

Honestly this is a good question, something that you need to consider doing is looking at the things that are holding you back in other aspects of your life.

A) Are you repeating things?

    • A good example of this is finding yourself in a repeating scenarios, are you finding yourself in the same kind of partnership over and over? How about the same kind of job? What about drama in your life, is it the same kind of stuff going on?
      • To change this you need to begin letting go of the energies that are found in your luminous energy field, the blueprints that guide how things are happening. An effective way to help you do this is to begin to look at each event and what kind of emotions does this bring up. Try working through those emotions and letting them go. This is a good way to release that programming in your LEF and it helps you learn the lessons that these repeat events are trying to teach you.

B) do you take care of yourself?

  • This is something we should all do, taking care of yourself is more than what that phrase suggests, it is more than just making sure you eat and have regular showers. So what does that actually mean?
    • This means taking a hard look at your life, if people walk all over you perhaps you need to set some boundaries. If you suffer from anxiety and depression are you making sure that you are taking your medication? Do you eat fairly healthy, I’m not talking a strict diet of mostly veggies but eating balanced and moderate exercise? (this helps with mental health as well)

These are only a few things you can do to attract your twin flame, one of the most important things you can do is be patient. A twin flame is something that takes time to come and will come to you when you no longer need that kind of companion. I know this sounds counterproductive but it really isn’t making your self the best you can be turns you into a magnet for your twin flame. The universe wants you to be and feel whole to have that kind of connection with your perfect partner and it will help you to achieve that goal in the best possible way for you.

So what does that all mean? Well it means that all those past issues that you carry around with you need to get weeded out of your life, those issues are some of the things that cause problems when it comes to connecting with your twin flame. It also means that you need to follow your dreams, and align yourself with your true path, how do you do that? So discover what your heart tells you that you need to do, are you drawn to art, or writing as a path how bout a spiritual path? What about acting? What makes you feel like you have purpose in your life? Work towards this goal and you work towards aligning your self to your path.

If you forgot, your soul has a blueprint to how to get you to where you want to go. Your soul really has the answers if you learn to listen – with your intuition. It’s how you could recognize your Twin even if you’d never met before. It just “clicks” – something that defies analysis and any prior experience. By working on your self and clearing all that crap we tend to carry around it allows us to listen to our soul.

Does all this sound easy or difficult? Let me tell you something, if things are easy you are not growing towards your true purpose and not growing means that it is even more difficult for your twin flame to find you. Here are some signs that happen when a twin flame partnership connects.


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~Wyrding Wytch

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