Are you a Shaman?


Are you a shaman? There is a difference between being a shaman and choosing to incorporate shamanism in your life. In our society knowing shamanistic practices can lead people to believe you actually are a shaman, this however isn’t the case, being a shaman is a calling, you are literally being called by spirit to do sacred work, where as having a spiritual practice of shamanism means just that, you are taking on some of the beliefs and practices and forming a spiritual practice based on those beliefs.

Now the reason I differentiate this is because there is a vast difference in how one is called to be a shaman versus taking on those practices. So when you are called to be a shaman most experience a near death experience or a great illness, sometimes both. My calling came as I fought against my fybromyalgia which tried to keep me bedridden and nearly being hit by a car, to this day it still makes me shake.

For any one who has experienced the awakening of near death and the calling of spirit down the road of the shaman but are unsure what to do next I do recommend following this blog as well as reading a few books by Sandra Ingerman and Alberto Villoldo these two have been very important in my studies as they have some great teachings. Research as much as you can and if you’re not sure if this is actually the path you need to go down do the research read a few books and choose, spirit tries to guide you down the path that’s best for you and though It might not feel like it but it will be the best path however spirit will not force you down that path, guide and nudge but never force it’s that whole free will thing.

We who have accepted spirits call have a mission and that’s to help, heal and teach. This is what we are called to do, we do it not for fame, money or “beneifits” thats a shaman who has knowledge of the path who doesn’t teach and holds that over people because it is ego that guides them the promise of fame and money drive them to do things such as curse for who ever pays them. We will go deeper into this kind of shaman in another article.

So are you a shaman?

Here’s 8 signs you might be

  1. This is a big one, You have had a near death experience. Near death experiences are spirits way of waking you up in a big way, this opens you up to the voice of spirit and to the energies of the universe as in those moments of near death you connect to that energy.
  1. Have an insatiable desire to learn about the path of the shaman. This is actually fairly common as when spirit calls it wants us to know what we are getting into before we actually do.
  1. You are awakening or have awakened as an empath and exhibit many of the signs of different types of empathy.
  1. You are a healer. You have been able to heal by touch or your touch is soothing to the point of healing others.
  1. Nature calms and soothes you, it seems to speak to your very soul and seems to have something to say to you.
  1. You can look at someone and know almost instantly if they are ill and the type of illness despite the fact that they don’t show any physical symptoms, examples are cancer, liver problems, heart disease.
  1. You dream of things before they happen, the very universe gives you a head up before major events happen such as traffic accidents, earthquakes, storms, and things that will affect a large number of people or cause a great energetic disturbance.
  1. You can see/sense/speak to spirits, you are able to see into the realm of the unseen, you have an innate connection to it and are able to communicate with the beings there without intensive training.

So do you think you’re a shaman? Leave a response in the comments below also use the contact me page if you have any Questions or comments or would like some advice.



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