Anxiety and Depression: How it Can Affect Your Magic.


In a previous article I brought up anxiety and depression and how it can affect you as an empath, I’m going to actually talk about how this effects magic, I’ve mentioned it a few times in relation to other articles I’ve written and today we are going to address it directly. Anxiety and depression are fairly common nowadays but what caused this trigger to begin with?

I have a few friends who are pagans and suffer with both anxiety and depression myself included, so from my perspective I have found a commonality in the situations where we began to feel both depression and anxiety. For many people it will start in the early school years, for some a little earlier depending on the home life of the child. My anxiety began when I was six and in fact I can pinpoint the exact moment when it began, you see like many people who suffer with anxiety and depression as well as a whole host of other issues, I was sexually abused as a child by my teenager cousin, my mother found him doing this to me one day, he didn’t come near me again after that, but that moment I thought I did something wrong and no one told me different or told me it wasn’t my fault, or if they did I really don’t remember. For me that was when my anxiety and depression began, I didn’t know what it was at the time, I just knew that I would feel sick and tired a lot. In high school it got worse, this was of course when I began to awaken as an empath and so I really didn’t know what was going on all I could say for sure was that I always felt sick at school. Unfortunately this is a common story with pagan practitioners, I would probably say about 7 out of 10 on average have a similar story to mine.

It’s difficult to think how to make something like this better, of course you should go to a doctor and or counselor, if you need medication it might be a good idea. Another idea to consider is seeing a shaman to help you deal with the event that began everything, this is by no means a cure but it can lessen the effects of the anxiety and depression so that the medication is more effective. Now bet you’re wondering if this is going to impact your magical workings?

Short answer, yes, long answer: kind of. When working with magic it takes a lot of concentration and will to be able to manifest your desires, when you have anxiety and depression its difficult to concentrate on what you are trying to manifest and so if you keep getting distracted your magic will flop. This is common actually which is why in your spiritual toolbox, meditation should be one of the skills you try and practice on a daily basis. Many people think mental illness is not an actual illness yet it makes you physically sick, you ache like you have the flu, headaches and nausea, the inability to concentrate, how about the inability to get out of bed some days? If you have someone who says they don’t think you need medication or that your not depressed tell them to Fuc* off because honestly many people don’t even consider this as an illness.


Anxiety and depression affect your magic be cause you can’t concentrate on anything your mind doesn’t’ have the ability to hold focus except on the most mundane things, food, clothing, house, job. Magic takes intense concentration and the ability to open oneself up to the universe to draw upon the energies so that one can in fact do magic. When you suffer from mental illness you can’t open yourself up to those energies because you can’t focus or even be open to them, you are in survival mode and your brain will only let you concentrate on the most basic of skills.

A common phrase is just suck it up or you don’t look sick or have you tried thinking positive? These make me angry and it doesn’t help the person get through it.

A few weeks ago I published and article About Mental Illness so I guess this is like a follow up.


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