What is the Wyrding Way?  Honestly it’s a good question.  I began to call my personal spiritual practice the Wyrding way when was in my early teens, by then I had been practicing the Medicine Way  for nearly seven years and this was the point where I started to incorporate the core teachings of witchcraft into my practice.  It’s important to note that when I say witchcraft I am not talking about Wicca or the like, I am referring to the practice of magick itself, defined with a “k” to differentiate between the magic used by magicians like Pen and Teller which is a form of illusion and the magick of witchcraft which uses energy, ritual prayer, focused meditations and items such as candles, string, feathers or other items to create a desired outcome.

Over the years I have incorporated various ideas, practices, beliefs, prayers and the like into my spiritual belief structure and it has changed and evolved over time as new ways of thinking , practices or ideas come to light.  I have never believed that a spiritual practice should be based on a single, unevolving idea.  We as humans change as we evolve and I believe that as we evolve then so should our beliefs.

That is the premise of The Wyrding Way, this spiritual practice has allowed me to take on healing journeys, aid friends and clients in a healing path to help break out of old habits, deal with old tramma so it can no longer affect my client, using all paths at my disposal to bring about healing.

Some call the path I’m on “shamanic witchcraft” others call it “hedge witchery” I call it the Wyrding Way as in Norse traditions it means wise one or healer, or witch, it doesn’t matter what it’s called the important thing to me is that my path is a healing one, one of understanding of faith, of the belief that anything can happen.


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