About Mental Illness

Being some one who suffers from depression and anxiety I some times find that it can be really hard to adult and get things done for the day to day. Today is actually a really good example in the past few days my life did a little flip and got turned around this caused me to completely forget that I was out of my medication. So all the plans I had for the day went to the wayside as I was more interested in sleeping and hiding from the world. I bet this sounds familiar to some if not a lot of you out there maybe not so much the medication part but probably the hiding from the world part. For years if I didn’t have to work then I was mostly on my own either reading or doing anything that kept me mostly away from large crowds.

I find this kind of thing is incredibly common among empaths and energy sensitive people, we spend a lot of energy dealing with other peoples emotions and negative energy and like a sponge we absorb it like dirty dishwater the little pockets in the sponge get filled with bits of food or what not and then it’s difficult to even deal with anything as we spend what energy we have trying to clean that out.

Today was one of those days where I needed to self care though it did end up in more sleep than usually have. I think that, that is defiantly something that a lot of people do not do, self care is important, it helps you to be able to deal with your depression and or anxiety. This is also something that isn’t really touched on to much in the pagan community it’s almost a case of “if I don’t acknowledge it or put a positive spin on it, it will go away” one of the worst things I hear on a regular basis is “Just try to think Positive” like it’s going to fix everything if I do. It honestly makes me angry when people do this because thinking positive is great and all but it doesn’t fix anything a lot of time a person needs “me time” or medication. I have a friend who was on anti-psychotics and was told that she probably didn’t need medication she seemed okay to them. I also have a different friend who was told that she didn’t need medication and she has severe OCD, depression and anxiety.

Honestly that is the absolute worst thing you can say to someone with mental illness, other than just think positive, you don’t know what that persons doctor has had to say or if they will take your advice in a moment of depression and decide your right and go on a homicidal rampage.

I realize that some of you are probably wondering why I’m writing about this and how it’s relevant to what my websites about. Trust me when I say dealing with depression anxiety and the like is actually par for the course, many people who seek out the services of a shaman/healer suffer from mental illness. Some of the issues that are the source of the problem can be healed between the healer and the client as well as in conjunction with your doctor/ psychiatrist. Now this is not to say you can be cured of your mental illness but a skilled shaman can help to lessen the severity of the problem. There are many causes from childhood abuse, abandonment, sexual abuse, hell just about any type of abuse, but it can be small things that you don’t realize that you have issues with.

If you have a friend who has a mental illness, there are ways to support them, not giving up on them is a huge one, they may not always talk to you or they may need to be alone a lot but knowing you are there if they need is a good way to support. I recommend looking online and searching “supporting people with mental illness” this will give you a better idea how to help without getting frustrated with the help you are trying to provide.

Please be mindful on how you interact with your friends and loved ones who do suffer from mental illness you will find that in the end you will help more if you do.

Don’t really understand about Mental illness? check out a quick facts here


~The Wyrding Wytch

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